a New Adventure:

“Legacy Traditional School” NW Las Vegas, NV
“Message from Heaven” Moapa, NV
“Sunset Magic” Moapa, NV

………… I did not keep track, I should have though, of how many job applications I have completed in the last 18 months, the random interviews, phone calls, disappointments, and moments of hopeful joy, all came to a VERY , VERY EXCITING conclusion yesterday.

I will be returning to my career as an Art Educator teaching Kindergarten through 8th grade at a Traditional Charter school in the city of Las Vegas. I couldn’t be MORE THRILLED to have the opportunity of Inspiring the Young Artists.

Although I am returning full time to the classroom, I will continue to keep the “She Shed Studio” at the Magical Moapa Mesa OPEN and FULL of New possibilities! Currently working on my sculpture for the upcoming show at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery for the theme of “Illumination”. I will share with everyone soon.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, to those of you have liked and follow my my blog. YOU are my people and I am grateful to have you on board for this next road of adventure we are about to embark upon!

Have a sense of New Creative Adventures and Inspiration for your day!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

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