Meadow Valley, NV ~Wild Fire

“Wild Fire at Sunset” ~Day One
“Smoke Over the Hills”~ Day Two
“Growing Wild Fire” ~ Day Three
“Still Burning” ~Day Four

It never ceases to amaze me the carelessness of humans. The Meadow Valley, NV wild fire started on Monday night because a camper did not put out their camp fire. Can people NOT read the signs that state…..NO CAMPFIRES! We are already under excessive heat conditions here, with some days reaching up into the 120’s!!! Our BLM (Bureau of Land Management) fire fighters have no easy task ahead of them. OVER 32,000 acres have already been consumed. They are predicting and praying that fires can be fully contained by next Wednesday. It has been growing in size since it started and now about 25 miles from Caliente, NV. The nights are are intense with being able to see the flames through binoculars. My heart goes out to all the displaced animals. I have been putting out extra food and water for little critters that come by this way to seek refuge.

If you have an extra moment to say a small prayer for the Fire Fighters and critters

~that all are kept safe during this unfortunate event. It is MUCH APPRECIATED. 

Sending you wishes and inspirations to create what sets your soul on fire………

Love, De

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(((PS ….as of now ..NO ~homes, structures or humans are in any immediate danger…..)))

“One Last Loop”~ Moapa, NV

“Follow the Trails”
“Sun Setting”
“Wild Flowers”
“Moon over Moapa”
“Behind the Boys”

One final , as we call it, HOT LAP LOOP, around the desert before calling it a night.

So LOVE bing able to get out into the dirt to play these days.

Sending you “one last whoooo hooooo” loop for your Creative day!

Love, De

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Friday, July 3rd~ Barrel Races~ Alamo, NV

“On the Way” Lincoln County, NV
“TREES!!!! and WATER!” Lincoln County, NV
“Smell the Freshness”
“Leads Somewhere”
“Beautiful Green”
“Silly US” Alamo, NV
“Pahranagat Valley” Alamo, NV
“At the Barrel Races” ~the moon rises
“Teams Gather” ~ as the sun sets
“Racers Ready” ~the dirt bike category
“Hubby on my Ride” 
“Last Minute Pointers” (YOU GOT THIS!)
“Go Team Stevens!” (me, my nephews~ Parker, Seth and his girlfriend Casey)
“Our Ready to Go Guy” ~at the start gate
“Intense Spectators & Family”
“Go Parker!” (my nephew)
“Fun with Friends” ATV Cycle Sports

Well at 50 years old….. I ran in my FIRST ever race…….. on my Suzuki 450 Sport Racer Quad in Alamo, Nevada for the Barrel Races as a local fundraiser for the youth ball league. Our friend owns ATV Cycle Sports in Las Vegas and he has been sponsoring these races for over 20 years. It is a night of FUN, LAUGHS, GOOD TIMES, Memories and GREAT SPORTS!

I ran 3 heat races, which were timed. The BEST time wins of course. I did not win a tee shirt, but I did not crash, I finished the race, and felt accomplished with what I set out to do. Next came the team races. My husband convinced me we could do this. So, why not? We competed against 2 other teams and finished in second place. Not to bad for our first race together. I posted the video of our team race that a friend took for us.

Spending the night with our FAMILY and FRIENDS was a refreshing break from all that is going on in this world.  Even Artists need a break from the studio now and again. As a teacher on summer vacation, starting to learn what our fates may entail to begin the new school year in a few weeks, I am going to make the VERY BEST out of the time we do have  left before that bell rings for the Fall 2020/21 year.

Sending you wishes~ that there are no barrels you can’t get around~ just keep your thumb on the throttle and GO!

Love, De

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Pleasure and Business Trip

“Off in the Distance” Cold Creek, NV
“Water in the Desert”
“Cold to Touch”
“Refreshing Steam”
“Life Blooms”
“Trees Grow”
“Green Everywhere”
“Peace and Quiet”
“Smell the Freshness”
“Tiny Orange”
“Why, You Wonder”

Life has been a little hectic since we closed our “virtual classrooms” a few weeks ago. I, of course, as the Artist teacher had a few more items to clear off my plate before calling it official SUMMER BREAK!!!!

I am working on two college classes to renew my teaching license. Nevada is one of those states that require teachers every 6 years to “renew” their license. I think it’s a money making scam, and after 24 years, really……more classes that I have to pay for….and they are not cheap….and then there is the cost of the background and finger print checks…..I have my CCW, pretty sure I am in the clear with all that, but no, have to pay for another check, and then there is the cost of the actual license with all your endorsements. All in total is costs a teacher approximately $1,500 out of pocket to play the “renew” game. While NV ranks as the 49th WORST STATE in education, complains they can’t keep teachers more than 4 years…..and blah blah…sorry about the rant….

Back to vacation…… We are looking to move …currently have our place on the market, and have an offer in at  another location.  I will update later should all the Spirits in the Heavens and Universe agree. Which is why I was up in Cold Creek a few weeks ago. I was on my way back from the house inspection and felt the mountains calling to me. I took a friend who had never been there. Needless to say she fell in LOVE with the place! I did not see any Wild Horses this time. It was little to hot for them to be out and about.

I have also opened an ETSY Shop where, if you like to purchase any of my artwork, it is now available for sale. I have also added a page on my website that has the works of art that are in the shop.

Thank You for checking in here with me! Hope you are doing well…….and staying healthy!

Sending you Inspiring Images and thoughts for your Day!

Love, De

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“Packing Up”

“Surreal Moments”, North Las Vegas, NV ~Art/Spanish Room

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I have had the best of intentions of logging into my blog, however the emotional drain of packing up my student artists works of art really took me some time to get through. I had just finished setting up the ENTIRE school for the student art show the day that the schools were “closed”. I will never forget the day. The fun we all had the day before, finishing works of art, sorting and delivering works of art to the Elementary teachers, hanging and displaying works, cleaning tables and so on. At one point we had over 60 students crammed into this space all working together that day to help us reach our goal. That night as I shut off the lights I was in tears with pride in my heart. These kids really out did themselves.

As I arrived at work the next day, sadness in my heart knowing that the Art Show was cancelled, but with the hope of returning before the last day.

And here we are now. Packed up and ready for return the last week of school. My school has set a schedule for drop off of school supplies to picking up student items for our families.

Nothing will be the same. Schools are already discussing the changes that we are going to need to make to reopen in the Fall.

As I tell my students, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.

I am Very Blessed to have had this year with them. They have taught me so much.

Sending you wishes for an Inspiring, Blessed Day~

Love, De

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