For my Principal:

“Music” 18×24 poster board & mixed media
“Brave Enough” 18 x 24 poster board & mixed media
“Opportunity” 18 x 24 poster board & mixed media
“Open Your Heart” 18 x24 poster board & mixed media
“Live” 18 x 24 poster board & mixed media

It has been quite the productive week. Being the “new” artist teacher at my school, I asked my principal if she would like some posters for the beginning of the year. These are the ones she selected. I will be dropping them to her office today and picking up rolls of butcher paper to make the welcome to school banners. I couldn’t be more excited for this new beginning in my life adventure. Thank You to those who have been following my journey through this blog. I had no idea what I was doing when I started a year ago., but here WE are ……..moving forward!

“Live by INSPIRING others to Fly” wishes for your creative day!

Love, De

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Silly Saturday

“The Moapa Power Plant” Moapa, NV
“Confusion” Moapa, NV
“As the Dust Settles” Moapa, NV
“Dusty Desert” Moapa, NV
“Our Neighbors” Moapa, NV

The other night, as I was watering my plants, I heard 5 VERY LOUD EXPLOSIONS! DYNAMITE?!?!?!?!. Why YES! It was! Coming towards my house was the largest plume of smoke I have seen heading this way across the desert.  Being me, as I was grabbing the car keys, saying to my husband, I am going to see what that was. He jumped in the car with me.

As we followed the dust cloud, we soon realized that half of our neighbors were parked and watching as this happened……..

They were trying to implode the old power plant over in Hidden Valley. Much to their surprise the dynamite did not take the tower down. They were all standing around scratching their heads trying to figure it out as we arrived. DARN! Looks like they are to have to try again! Next time I am taking taking a soda and popcorn to the event!


Love, De

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Magical Moapa Moon

“Out of this World” Moapa, NV

I have always LOVED the night sky, full of stars, planets, moons, satellites, meteorites, and flying objects. I call our night sky our 5 million dollar view out here in the desert lands. We live close to Area 51. One can never really be sure what flies above us. However should those folks really plan to “storm the gates” of Area 51 in September, we will have front row seats to the military reply.

Sending you OUT of this World inspirations for your day!

Love, De

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“Art Room Before” NW Las Vegas, NV
“Art Room After” NW Las Vegas, NV

In order to do a true assessment of what supplies I have on hand at my work location, I needed to pull EVERY little thing out of the cabinets. After MANY hours of cleaning, sorting and then organizing, the Spanish teacher I share the room with, said “WOW, you artists sure have a lot of “Stuff”. We do especially when we have 1400 student artists to inspire creatively this upcoming year.

I was SO IMPRESSED with the amount and variety of supplies I have to inspire young artists with. Must say, I even had tears in my eyes while I was putting it all away. Feeling so Grateful and Blessed to have this opportunity.

Sending you Wishes for Creative Opportunities for your day!

Love, De

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Checked In

“Official” North Las Vegas, NV

After 19 months of soul searching, substitute teaching across state lines, spending COUNTLESS hours applying for all kinds of employment, working on my Professional Artist portfolio, and serving on two Community Education Advisory Boards in Moapa and Virgin Valleys,


All checked in at my new, full time, Kindergarten thru 8th grade, Art Teacher position at Legacy Traditional Charter School.

Now comes the the fun part of building the excitement for the students by preparing the classroom and art cart in the next 3 weeks before the students return.

Looks like my blog will be changing a bit as we go along this adventure together. I will, of course, keep up with the Magical Moapa Mesa “She Said Studio”, showing my work at the gallery, attending art festivals and continue to serve my communities on the Valley CEAB.

Sending you “Official” creative wishes for your day!

Love, De

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