Even the littlest …


These are violets and buttercups growing wildly in the yard. At first glance across the field some wouldn’t notice these little tiny beauties. The new routine of walking the dogs every time they need to “go” has taken me on many, many trips around the two acres at dads house. Each time I find something new … even if it is the smallest of things.

Gathering my thoughts, processing all that has happened in last several months and focusing on the future.

Love What You Do! Be Inspired 2022 ❤️👩‍🎨

In the night…

Deer in the nighttime
Trafford, PA

The deer are feasting on delicious grasses…,

On my way home last night we spotted this herd of deer. Stopped and admired their beautiful innocence. I even waited until they safely crossed the street. I was quite amazed when they used the crosswalk. Smart creatures!

Love What You Do! Be Inspired 2022 ❤️👩‍🎨