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gathering, preparing, inventory, #LOVEWHATYOUDO! ❤

I have been invited by the Director of the Mesquite Community Theatre to display and sell my works of art for their Art Festival tomorrow night at the theatre. I have invited another local artist friend to join me. Isn’t it always better to “chill” with a friend for a few hours? We have selected to be outdoors in the fresh air.

***(I will be in need of that fresh air in GIANT ways. I am substitute teaching for kindergarten before attending the Art Festival. Don’t get me wrong. I do like the tiny kinder humans, however they seem to multiply like gremlins as the day goes on! lololololo)

Sending you Giant Inspirations for your day!

Love, De

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it was a Magical Monday:

“I can see the light”
“through the trees”
“as the sun set”

I received a text message, late on Saturday afternoon, to request an interview time with me on Monday afternoon in the Green Valley neighborhood of Henderson, NV. This administrator had contacted me a few times the previous week, however, we couldn’t settle on time between our two schedules. Monday was to be our day. As our interview began, (I had already researched the administration and the school before meeting with the principal), it turns out that the world really is small, it is connected by folks that you know, and opportunities at times happen when you least expect them to.  The Amazing Administrator I met, was a familiar face, that I had the opportunity of working with several times over my years with the local public school system. What should have been a 30 minute interview turned more like a trip down memory lane in Great ways lasting over an hour and a half!!!!! Once he mentioned that he had contacted my FIRST principal, that hired me over 20 years ago, he had my heart! If all goes well, a contract offered, this is where I will be starting next school year 2019~20. I will save the details of the school, until after all is signed, dotted and crossed.

Sending you wishes for Inspirational Connections for your day!

Love, De

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It’s taken some time…

“going back to work”

After resigning from my former job, as an Art Teacher & so so much more, with the local public school district, pursuing my Artist Career for the last year and a half, my inner soul is crying to return to the classroom. I have spent this last school year traveling across state lines to Arizona to work as a substitute teacher. Although, I have interviewed with them, over two weeks ago for a full time position for next school year, I have not heard back what their decision is. Not letting my “crayons” cool down, I continued to apply for jobs across the city of Las Vegas. It is a difficult task since CCSD (Clark County School District) is the 5th largest in the nation. However, playing into my favor this year, is that CCSD is FAILING their Staff, Students and parents when it comes to achievement, pay raises and insurance and SO MUCH more! There are MANY MANY Private and Charter schools opening, and they NEED ART TEACHERS! (CCSD has been slowly doing away with their Art programs. There aren’t Artist Teachers to hire here in Nevada, so instead of supporting the arts they eliminate the position).

I sent in an application on Monday, not expecting to hear anything back,  to my surprise and delight, within hours of submitting the application, my phone rang with with good news! A phone interview in the morning! I did well on the phone interview, I did not even need to answer all the interview questions! They have scheduled my next one on one interview for this coming Wednesday with the Principal. Hopefully there will be a contact to sign!

For those who aren’t in the Education Profession, finding a job at times is a labor of love. 22-30 pages of an application, essay questions, college transcripts, licenses, etc……and then you wait for the call……..if it ever comes…….then starts the labor intensive interview process. No two interviews have ever been the same for me. Sometimes one person on the phone, sometimes a conference call, sometimes in a room with 2-10 people all asking you questions. I have considered being a “Personal Trainer” for the teaching profession… know kinda like a boot camp…to get through the hurdles!

Sending you GREAT KARMA for your day, with no hurdles to slow your Creative Inspiration process!

Love, De

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At the Gallery

“A Mother’s Reflection” ~ ANNE MEYNOR (((Congratulations Mom!
Her AWARD winning poem~ with my art work
“Reflection Thru Time”
“The Gift of the Mist” ~Poet ANNE MEYNOR
Her AWARD winning poem ~ with my art work
“Mountain Dew”


on display at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery, located in Mesquite, NV, USA, until the end of April 2019 for the “Artists & Poets” Juried Exhibition.

Thank You to ALL the Poets and Artists who Inspire me each and everyday!

May your day find the “connections” of Inspirations !

Love, De

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Throwback Thursday:

YOU….may never fully understand the thoughts….
living alone in a confused world….
to himself…..
that he was dangerous…
“Spirits Alive?”

For my new followers……Last October……. my neighbor burned the house down, that he was “house sitting”, in a suicide attempt. He was off his perscribed medications (and “self medicating” with a “home brew”) , seeking help, according to his family, several times, before this successful attempt. The police arrived just as he ignited the single wide mobile home. They had to drag him out of the burning structure kicking and screaming. The police officers received an Award for their quick thinking and fast reactions. They used my videos and photos for the court cases and police officer awards ceremony. The neighbor was ALREADY a felon, created another felony, and is currently getting the “help” he needs in SUPERVISED, SAFE, CONTROLLED environment. (wink wink)

The community worked fast, effective, and efficiently to clean up the property. All that remains to this day is his…….. one last car……..and a shoe..……. the rest of the property has been bulldozed, cleaned and looks as if the whole thing was just a “story” created by the local folks.

6 years of madness… all but ……..the spirits that …that tell the tales…….

Sending you wishes for your day…….

……..You are never alone…..We are here…….Inspire, Create, Release your thoughts in a Productive kind of way day!

Love, De

Diary of a Madman – Throwback Thursday Photos 

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