Can’t stop…addicted

“all you need is love”
“yellow abstract”

I would like to find a sustainable income in the “muggle world”, HOWEVER my creative artist inner soul can’t stop creating during the search for what may be a “job”. I get the message of “if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense”. Burned into my daily thoughts now. How to make money as an emerging professional artist into society may just be deep in my dreams, passions and desires….but the addiction to create….continues….

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being being an artist. It chose me as a child. At times I have reflected upon the thoughts……is this a Blessing? or a Curse?

My days continue. Reaching and striving for what is to be in this crazy creative world.

Thank You from the Heart of my Art and Soul for being a part of this journey!

Many Blessings for your day,

Love, De

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