Quality time….


Inside the “She Shed Studio” on the Magical Moapa Mesa! Many folks have commented that my art is “much to bright”. “much to colorful”, however they LOVE my script writing, which is AWESOME, because I LOVE creating it!!! (all freehand, of course, there are no machines in this FINE ART Studio!) So listening to the requests of Art admirers, I am busy creating a few new pieces in the “Mute, earth tone” color pallet. Some are paper, and a few are on canvass.

I can’t wait to get started!! ….waiting for paint to dry……..and waiting…….some you know what I am talking about….the excitement to start new piece…..fingers are ready………inspirations are flowing……waiting for the paint to dry……

In random searching, I FOUND my bottle of India ink as well……hopeful to find the calligraphy set SOON!!!

and… I made a trip out to the end of the property, found some wood…….oooooooo…….that’s calling me now too!

Much Love and Inspiration for your day!

May you answer to what is calling you!


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