Working outside in the fresh crisp air, multitasking with the puppy dogs, preparing for the upcoming Pomegranate Festival in a few weeks with creating a few new “Holiday Doodles” series.

That’s Sig in the background……We have LOTS of cotton tail rabbits out here, his hunting skills take him on his own adventure for a 9 month old puppy dog!

Have a Creative Adventure Day!


2 thoughts on “SNOW????”

    1. Right!!??? To many years I spent inside a brick building with no windows, or the few windows I did have, had bars on them. Not the most pleasing way to view nature, a different perspective. Now, onto the new part of life, OUTSIDE and FRESH air as much as possible! Soak it in, let the creative juices flow, and INSPIRE! πŸ™‚ (I was a public school art teacher for over 21 years, in the hard core center of Las Vegas, most schools have bars on the few windows….I wasn’t in jail ….or least not in legal way….however, it sure could “appear” that way!!!!)


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