……in thoughts of teaching art classes at the local recreation center. Sadly our local gallery only caters to adult workshop type art classes. The children in the Valley have been inquiring about the possibility of ART CLASS for them ….somewhere……as much as I would LOVE to host the classes at my “Magical Moapa Mesa She Shed Studio”, we are a ways off from finishing the remodeling, so I have been in search of a location. Monday I will be stopping by the Recreaction Center to meet and discuss with the Program coordinator how to make this a reality. There is also a need for a TRADITIONAL dance teacher. hummmmmm, a dancer since the age of 9, trained formally in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Pointe…..more POSSIBILITIES to consider…….

Sending you wishes for a Day FULL of Creative Possibilities!

Love, De

Artwork Credit: 3rd Grade Artists, Ms. Rawlins class, at Littlefield Unified School District, Arizona

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com


“School Choice Fair” poster
“Ladies in Charge” Power 2 Parent
“The Vendors~ Set Up”
“Fabulous Food” Worlds Best Corndogs
“Hot DOG!! Corn DOGS!”

Every parent has choices for their Childs educational learning path. As an educator for over 25 years, all people have different learning styles, abilities and needs, that NEED to be nurtured, developed and embraced. As the Educational Liaison for the Virgin Valley Community Education Advisory Board and the Community Representative for the Moapa Valley CEAB, I worked with the city of Mesquite, Power 2 Parent Moapa Chapter, and The Mesquite Recreation Center to bring the School Choice Fair to the parents of the Virgin Valley last night.

Giving a SHOUT OUT of MANY THANK YOUS to those who represented their schools, the parents who attended and the City of Mesquite!

School Choices include: Public School system, Charter Schools, Private School, Cyber School, Home Schooling ~ each with their OWN UNIQUE approach for the learning process. (should ANYONE here like to have MORE information on any of the school choices for YOUR child, please leave me a comment~ perhaps a future blog could be a little more detailed descriptions) 

Sending You wishes for a Creative Day of CHOICES!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

It a Bird…no its a ……

“Flying in the Sky” Moapa Valley, NV

Apache Helicopter! Thank YOU to the USAF for all they do each and everyday. We do live in the flight path for Nellis Air Force Base. Often times we have “random” things sighted high in the sky. We are also close to Area 51….so one never can be really sure, what CAN (and has) ……………fly by in our sky!

Sending you High Flying Creative wishes for your day!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor

Cars, Cars. Cars & Trucks

“Hot Wheels” Las Vegas, NV
“Hot Cars” Las Vegas, NV
“Classics” Las Vegas, NV
“Roar” Las Vegas, NV
“Looking Great In Red” Las Vegas, NV
“Forever Young” Las Vegas, NV
“Look Inside” Las Vegas, NV
“What Do You See” Las Vegas, NV
“Pretty Eyes” Las Vegas, NV
“The Soul” Las Vegas, NV
“Showing It All” Las Vegas, NV
“Fast and Furious” Las Vegas, NV
“Cars Galore” Las Vegas, NV
“For All Those Who Want More” Las Vegas, NV

We had to go to Vegas for a few parts over the weekend. Upon arriving at the Ford dealership we were “greeted” with a car show. Who can resist walking around such BEAUTY? I have LOVED the classics since I was a child and my dad rebuilt a 1969 Chevelle. My DREAM car is a Corvette Stingray…… with tee tops….Chevy Blue…….someday….we all have dreams…..

Sending you wishes for a Dreamy Inspired Creative Day!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Gift for Perkins E.S.
Gift for Moapa Valley HS
Gift for Bowler ES
Gift for Lyon MS

Take the time to THANK a teacher this week! Teachers are the folks in our lives that INSPIRE US to do our best, learn new things, and BE all that we CAN BE!

Thank YOU to all of YOU who check in here who have become teachers to me in this new world of blogging. I APPRECIATE each and everyone of you!

Have an Inspirational Teachable type of day!

Love, De

PS> Posters were created AS GIFTS, by yours truly, for the local valley schools. They were delivered to the schools today by the President of the Moapa Valley Community Education Advisory Board, along with plates of HOMEMADE cookies by board members to say THANK YOU to our community education staff members.

“It takes a VILLAGE to raise a CHILD” ~ African Proverb

Art Work and Photo Credit : http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

Studio Work

“Mama Blue Bird” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media
“Southwest Nights” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media
“Good Harvest” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media
“Sun Birds” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media
“Man Lizard” 18×24 watercolor paper & mixed media
…in progress…posters for Teacher Appreciation week

It seems I find myself trying to balance my time between the volunteer work I do, substitute teaching across state lines, and creative time in the “She Shed Studio” at the Magical Moapa Mesa.

As I was going through my photos this morning I realized, I had yet to post some of my latest works. I am currently working on 5 posters for the local Moapa Valley schools, for Teacher Appreciation week. The MVCEAB members will be making cookies, I have the posters, and together we will be making our deliveries next week.

Sending you wishes for Inspired, Creative time in your Studio!

Love, De

Art Work & Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com