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Hey Everyone!! I know it’s been quite some time since I have had a moment to post anything. My new job as an Artist Teacher has really taken over my time and days. Between the long work hours and 2 hour commute each day, has left me very little time to do much else. I am working on the balance of Artist life and career. I really enjoy each and every day with my VERY TALENTED young artists. It has been a pleasure watching them grow with their talents, abilities and inspirational works of art.

I wanted to invite you all join me as I take on the Pomegranate Festival again this year. It will be held on November 1st and 2nd at the Clark County fair grounds in Overton, Nevada, USA. It is an event that people from all over the world attend. It was rewarding last year to meet so many Fabulous people. I will not be able to attend the event on Friday, November 1st due to the substitute teacher shortage, however I have two AWESOME FRIENDS who are going to showcase my work in their vendor booths until I can join them on Saturday, November 2nd.

Mark Your calendars,,,, plan a trip… and see YOU next weekend!

May your day have those WOW INSPIRATIONS and creative outcomes!

Love, De

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STORM Area 51 September 19-21, 2019

“We Have Arrived” Rachel, NV
“Area 51 Base Camp” Rachel, NV
“Love Aliens” Rachel, NV
“She’s a Movie Star” Rachel, NV
“Me and the Mr.” Rachel, NV
“At the Edge” Rachel, NV
“Signs and Drones” Rachel, NV
“Warning” Rachel, NV
“Let’s Get the Plan” Rachel, NV
“Meeting the Artists” Rachel, NV
“Across the Way” Alamo, NV
“Works of Art” Alamo, NV
“Out of this World Fun” Alamo, NV
“Oh NO!” Alamo, NV
“TAKE ME” Alamo, NV
“Glowing Green” Warm Springs, NV
“Till Next Time” Warm Springs, NV

This weekend was the social media blitz of “Storm Area 51”. Our local rural towns here in Nevada, prepared for the festival like event for weeks in hopes of bringing folks out to our tiny communities. HOWEVER, with the fear of “what could happen” should people be daring enough to cross the lines with the USA Military, the amount of people who attended was a disappointment to the vendors who dared to take the challenge to attend the first of its kind festival at this location. I had considered attending as a vendor myself with my art work, these are my kind of people. Perhaps, next year.

We had a LOT of fun, meeting different people, hanging out with our friends and supporting our local Artists. Hummmmm artists and aliens…….Do you believe?

Sending you wishes for an “Out of this World” ¬†Inspirational Day!

Love, De

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Student Work

I had given my students the task of creating their own Logo, using the first letter of their first name and the first letter of their last name. They did thumbnail sketches to start with, next was a teacher – client critique to choose one for them to enlarge. During the process I gave them a watercolor paint demonstration of the materials. They had tube, liquid and watercolor pencils to choose from, or to challenge themselves and use more than one. The final Logo was created on watercolor paper to become the cover of their sketchbook. I am so VERY PROUD of the my 7th and 8th grade middle school 2D art students. Their hard work, effort and skills are really starting to shine. They are currently working on their final watercolor painting, gallery~show ready. I will share those as they finish.

I really LOVE inspiring the young artists, however REALLY miss having the time to sit, relax and create a few of my own pieces. I miss all of you too! My long work days, with two hour commute, homework and home chores seem to be overtaking everything else at the moment. This weekend I have 65 sketchbooks, with 6 assignments in each of them to check, grade and critique.

Sending you Wishes for a Productive Positive Day!

Love, De

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Artwork Credit: Mrs. Meynor’s JH 2D art students ~ used with permission from the student artists.

Hopeful Day

“Rainbow Wishes” Apex, NV

Missing all of you! Spending two hours a day commuting to work and back, along with a 10 hour work day, makes VERY little time for much else. I am slowly getting back into the groove of full time art teaching, with the learning curve of the High expectations for the charter school system. My students are Fabulous, the staff is helpful and kind, and my days go by in a flash! I look forward to the few quiet moments I have on my Saturday and Sunday to check in with all of you!

Hope your days have been  productive and

sending You wishes for Hopeful Creative moments of Inspirations! 

Love, De

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