Echo Bay, Lake Mead~NV

“Welcome” Lake Mead, NV
“The Day” Lake Mead,NV
“Growing Trees” Lake Mead, NV
“Rocks and Views” Lake Mead, NV
“Morning is the Calmest” Lake Mead, NV
“Up Close  & Cold” Lake Mead, NV
“The Lake” Lake Mead, NV
“Play Day” Lake Mead, NV
“Away They Go” Lake Mead, NV
“Sunday Funday” Lake Mead, NV

Weekends go way to fast! This past Sunday we met up with a few of our Favorite Neighbor Friends out at Lake Mead, NV. Lake Mead is a manmade lake with lots of history of how and why it was created for the Hoover Dam. Yes we have been there many times via boat and road. This weekend we were playing out in Echo Bay which is located at the other end of the lake.

Sending you Funday Relaxing Inspirations for your week!

Love, De

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Fresh from the Art Room!

“Sketchbook Homework”
“Out for Flight Friday”
“DaVinci Inspired”
“Flying Machines”

Their Creativity, Their Imaginations, Their Ideas, really impressed me! I had given my students their first sketchbook assignment of designing and illustrating their idea of a flying machine inspired by Leonardo DaVinci. (I felt really bad after telling them that BEFORE they were Ninja Turtles saving the world, they were actually ARTISTS working in Italy during the Renaissance. The looks on their faces was priceless). I added to the assignment and had them CREATE their own “flying machine” for homework. Friday we went outside to the playground to test their flight. WOW!!! Quite impressive results! Smiles, skills, sunshine and art “FLYING FRIDAY”!

Hope your week has found some Inspirational Flight!

Love, De

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Busy, Back to School:

“Our Bulletin Board” North Las Vegas, NV

Missing all of you, your posts and Awesome Artful Inspirations each day!

I am slowly getting back into the swing of teaching full time art classes for students Kindergarten thru 8th grade, and Junior High Yearbook class. The kids are keeping me on my toes, writing lesson plans, and getting things organized for an Art Club and school musical.

I will be back to my routine of sharing things from the Magical Moapa “She Shed Studio” soon.

Reaching Out and Sending You Inspirations to let your True Colors show!

Love, De

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Gifts for the other schools


After giving my principal her posters she selected, she then requested a few more to give as gifts to the other schools tomorrow at our full staff “Welcome Back” kick off, which my school is hosting this year.

Looking forward to meeting the entire staff, the founders of the school and soon the students will be returning. The good news is,  I will be teaching all grade levels, developing an art program with the focus on the Junior High students. A few of other things I will be doing this school year are, an Art Club, Stage Manager for the school musical of Little Mermaid, and putting together the school yearbook as the Advisor and teacher of the class.

Hold on folks….the adventures continue! Thanks for stopping by!

Sending you Inspirational Gifts for your day!

Love, De

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