Gifts for the other schools


After giving my principal her posters she selected, she then requested a few more to give as gifts to the other schools tomorrow at our full staff “Welcome Back” kick off, which my school is hosting this year.

Looking forward to meeting the entire staff, the founders of the school and soon the students will be returning. The good news is,  I will be teaching all grade levels, developing an art program with the focus on the Junior High students. A few of other things I will be doing this school year are, an Art Club, Stage Manager for the school musical of Little Mermaid, and putting together the school yearbook as the Advisor and teacher of the class.

Hold on folks….the adventures continue! Thanks for stopping by!

Sending you Inspirational Gifts for your day!

Love, De

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Some Days are like that:

“Steel Together” 9×17 Steel & mixed media
“A Ray of Luck” Moaoa, NV
“Flat Tire?” Byron, NV
“Over There” Byron, NV
“And There” Byron. NV
“Mojave Desert” Byron, NV
” Power Tower” Hidden Valley, NV
“Monsoon” NV
“Home” Glendale, NV
“A Tow” Logandale, NV

NEVER a dull moment. Somehow every day turns into some type of an adventure. (Husband had a tire blow out on his way home the city last night. I went as the “rescue ranger’ and photographer! lolololol)

I have been busy in my art room the last several days preparing for the upcoming school year. LOADS of supplies, new curriculum to learn, lesson plans to write and meetings to attend. My principal LOVED her posters and has now requested 3 more, different ones, for the kickoff to the school year.

“Rearrange” North Las Vegas, NV

The teacher I was to be sharing the room with resigned, so, I for a moment, have my own space and rearranged it to fit our upcoming art projects. Next week I will be adding the classroom decorations to make the space more inviting.

The excitement is building!

Sending you Creative, Adventurous, Exciting Inspirations for your day!

Love, De

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For my Principal:

“Music” 18×24 poster board & mixed media
“Brave Enough” 18 x 24 poster board & mixed media
“Opportunity” 18 x 24 poster board & mixed media
“Open Your Heart” 18 x24 poster board & mixed media
“Live” 18 x 24 poster board & mixed media

It has been quite the productive week. Being the “new” artist teacher at my school, I asked my principal if she would like some posters for the beginning of the year. These are the ones she selected. I will be dropping them to her office today and picking up rolls of butcher paper to make the welcome to school banners. I couldn’t be more excited for this new beginning in my life adventure. Thank You to those who have been following my journey through this blog. I had no idea what I was doing when I started a year ago., but here WE are ……..moving forward!

“Live by INSPIRING others to Fly” wishes for your creative day!

Love, De

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