Natural Beauty

…. Can be found everywhere in PA. I don’t really enjoy going into the city.. but rather to the great OUTDOORS!

Refreshing, Relaxing, Peaceful Tranquility….

#lovewhatyoudo #beinspired 2022 ❤️👩‍🎨

Beautiful Day….

Beyond the Trees

Wishes for each of you! May your inspiration reach beyond the tree tops!!

This photo starts my second series of Diann’s Day Drive. This time I headed to Linn Run State park. It’s nice to have Mondays and Tuesday’s off. Everyone else is at work leaving the backroads to quiet places uncluttered, peaceful and inspiring 😘

#lovewhatyoudo #beinspired 2022

More photos … from DDD..

Diann’s Day Drive ….. took me to one of my favorite places to visit …. Turners Covered Bridge, There are many located throughout this region. I will make a day drive soon to capture a few more,

When my family would spend time at our camp, when I was in my early days, we would fish here. Looking forward to obtaining my fishing license for next season ❤️

Take a walk
Across the Bridge
To See
The Favorite Fishing Hole
With Me!

Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!

#lovewhatyoudo #beinspired 2022 👩‍🎨❤️