In the night…

Deer in the nighttime
Trafford, PA

The deer are feasting on delicious grasses…,

On my way home last night we spotted this herd of deer. Stopped and admired their beautiful innocence. I even waited until they safely crossed the street. I was quite amazed when they used the crosswalk. Smart creatures!

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Grandmas Tree

B.Y. Park – Trafford, PA

When my grandma passed away we had this tree planted in her memory of the LOVE she had for talking walks in her favorite local park- The B.Y.

Here we are about 18 years later. When I visit the park it’s a comfort to sit by the tree and remember the days when,..,,,,

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Oh how I have missed a true springtime on the east coast. Random thunderstorms, blooming dogwood trees, and natures relentless effort Ms to grow and flourish.

I hope this post finds you doing well and enjoying the small beautiful wonders of today ❤️

Love what you do! Be Inspired 2022 ❤️👩‍🎨

New Job

Narcissi Winery, Pittsburgh PA

Started a new job yesterday at a winery as a waitress. I had spent my teenage and college years working in the restaurant industry. This is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever worked at. I am continuing to look for Assistant Principal positions, however I’m the meantime thankful to have a job after the crazy exit from Las. Vegas.

Love What You Do! Be Inspired 2022!