Life changes ….. again

Last time I checked in with everyone…. I was preparing to move …. Had no idea what was going to happen next …. No wonder my friends wanted me to start blogging all those years ago… this IS real life … couldn’t make it up if I even tried . The short version is …(I will someday add the long story) …. I HAD to say goodbye to my life and dream job in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I packed up the Uhaul with the help of a few friends and family members , loaded up the pets and began my journey.

Made a few stops along the way to stretch our paws and legs… rest … and continue forward,,, not looking back… to where we had been or why we were in this current situation ..,,

Knowing we were on our way … to a familiar place, to catch our breath, enjoy some time with family, and regain strength to handle whatever was going to come next.

Faced a few storms along the way. Just like the tears and sadness they soon went away.

…… When we reached our destination. Home!!! Is where the heart ❤️ is. Family, Friends and a Fresh start.

I have been taking lots of photos to share with everyone.

Hope you are all doing well. I Catch up with you soon, I PROMISE!

Love what you do… Be Inspired 2022 ❤️🙏

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