Happy Birthday Smoke

Smoke Kitty is 20 years old! He and I have had quite the adventure together,

He found his Fur ever home 20 years ago on Daytona weekend (NASCAR) . During that time , my part time job was working at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with the PR department as the mascot. One of my MOST FAVORITE jobs ever! It seemed only fitting to name my new kitten after race car driver Tony Stewart who’s nickname is Smoke. Orange and white Home Depot car #20., new kitty orange and white seemed right to me ❤️🐾

Smokes family members have included a five foot iguana 🦎, 5 dogs and 1 kitty –

He lays around most of the day, however makes it downstairs to make his presence known and demand food. The dogs treat him as the king he is.

Love what you do.. be Inspired 2022 ❤️👩‍🎨

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