When this started …..

… I was unemployed trying to make it as an artist and searching my inner self to figure out what to do with my life …. I had quit my teaching job to start a business with a “friend”… but that went south quickly ….. I picked up a substitute teacher job traveling to AZ for work each day ….. 3 years ago……

I kept applying for work … finally the right time and right job offer came along … I returned to the classroom as an art teacher.

During my prep time I was “helping” the short staffed administration team which lead to an offer for admin in training position….

As my personal life was falling apart, my marriage ending and being told to leave his house … my professional life was going in a positive direction… I am grateful for each experience in the last several years. My faith in the Holy Spirit has kept me alive. In June of 2021 I was promoted to an Assistant Principal position which has taken life on a unique journey in education during the pandemic.

Sorry about the long post today. As my life is changing my blog will also be in transformation…. Thank You to all of you who have stuck by over the years .., Much Love and Gratitude ❤️👩‍🎨

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