Meadow Valley, NV ~Wild Fire

“Wild Fire at Sunset” ~Day One
“Smoke Over the Hills”~ Day Two
“Growing Wild Fire” ~ Day Three
“Still Burning” ~Day Four

It never ceases to amaze me the carelessness of humans. The Meadow Valley, NV wild fire started on Monday night because a camper did not put out their camp fire. Can people NOT read the signs that state…..NO CAMPFIRES! We are already under excessive heat conditions here, with some days reaching up into the 120’s!!! Our BLM (Bureau of Land Management) fire fighters have no easy task ahead of them. OVER 32,000 acres have already been consumed. They are predicting and praying that fires can be fully contained by next Wednesday. It has been growing in size since it started and now about 25 miles from Caliente, NV. The nights are are intense with being able to see the flames through binoculars. My heart goes out to all the displaced animals. I have been putting out extra food and water for little critters that come by this way to seek refuge.

If you have an extra moment to say a small prayer for the Fire Fighters and critters

~that all are kept safe during this unfortunate event. It is MUCH APPRECIATED. 

Sending you wishes and inspirations to create what sets your soul on fire………

Love, De

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(((PS ….as of now ..NO ~homes, structures or humans are in any immediate danger…..)))

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