Friday, July 3rd~ Barrel Races~ Alamo, NV

“On the Way” Lincoln County, NV
“TREES!!!! and WATER!” Lincoln County, NV
“Smell the Freshness”
“Leads Somewhere”
“Beautiful Green”
“Silly US” Alamo, NV
“Pahranagat Valley” Alamo, NV
“At the Barrel Races” ~the moon rises
“Teams Gather” ~ as the sun sets
“Racers Ready” ~the dirt bike category
“Hubby on my Ride” 
“Last Minute Pointers” (YOU GOT THIS!)
“Go Team Stevens!” (me, my nephews~ Parker, Seth and his girlfriend Casey)
“Our Ready to Go Guy” ~at the start gate
“Intense Spectators & Family”
“Go Parker!” (my nephew)
“Fun with Friends” ATV Cycle Sports

Well at 50 years old….. I ran in my FIRST ever race…….. on my Suzuki 450 Sport Racer Quad in Alamo, Nevada for the Barrel Races as a local fundraiser for the youth ball league. Our friend owns ATV Cycle Sports in Las Vegas and he has been sponsoring these races for over 20 years. It is a night of FUN, LAUGHS, GOOD TIMES, Memories and GREAT SPORTS!

I ran 3 heat races, which were timed. The BEST time wins of course. I did not win a tee shirt, but I did not crash, I finished the race, and felt accomplished with what I set out to do. Next came the team races. My husband convinced me we could do this. So, why not? We competed against 2 other teams and finished in second place. Not to bad for our first race together. I posted the video of our team race that a friend took for us.

Spending the night with our FAMILY and FRIENDS was a refreshing break from all that is going on in this world.  Even Artists need a break from the studio now and again. As a teacher on summer vacation, starting to learn what our fates may entail to begin the new school year in a few weeks, I am going to make the VERY BEST out of the time we do have  left before that bell rings for the Fall 2020/21 year.

Sending you wishes~ that there are no barrels you can’t get around~ just keep your thumb on the throttle and GO!

Love, De

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