Pleasure and Business Trip

“Off in the Distance” Cold Creek, NV
“Water in the Desert”
“Cold to Touch”
“Refreshing Steam”
“Life Blooms”
“Trees Grow”
“Green Everywhere”
“Peace and Quiet”
“Smell the Freshness”
“Tiny Orange”
“Why, You Wonder”

Life has been a little hectic since we closed our “virtual classrooms” a few weeks ago. I, of course, as the Artist teacher had a few more items to clear off my plate before calling it official SUMMER BREAK!!!!

I am working on two college classes to renew my teaching license. Nevada is one of those states that require teachers every 6 years to “renew” their license. I think it’s a money making scam, and after 24 years, really……more classes that I have to pay for….and they are not cheap….and then there is the cost of the background and finger print checks…..I have my CCW, pretty sure I am in the clear with all that, but no, have to pay for another check, and then there is the cost of the actual license with all your endorsements. All in total is costs a teacher approximately $1,500 out of pocket to play the “renew” game. While NV ranks as the 49th WORST STATE in education, complains they can’t keep teachers more than 4 years…..and blah blah…sorry about the rant….

Back to vacation…… We are looking to move …currently have our place on the market, and have an offer in at  another location.  I will update later should all the Spirits in the Heavens and Universe agree. Which is why I was up in Cold Creek a few weeks ago. I was on my way back from the house inspection and felt the mountains calling to me. I took a friend who had never been there. Needless to say she fell in LOVE with the place! I did not see any Wild Horses this time. It was little to hot for them to be out and about.

I have also opened an ETSY Shop where, if you like to purchase any of my artwork, it is now available for sale. I have also added a page on my website that has the works of art that are in the shop.

Thank You for checking in here with me! Hope you are doing well…….and staying healthy!

Sending you Inspiring Images and thoughts for your Day!

Love, De

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1 thought on “Pleasure and Business Trip”

  1. Hi Diann, nice to see you back! The flowing stream has such a nice, relaxing sound. I didn’t know that Nevada is number 49, bummer. Sorry, but I have to agree on the money-making scheme. It appears to make zero sense on two levels. All is well in my little corner of the valley. Stay safe! 😊

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