“Packing Up”

“Surreal Moments”, North Las Vegas, NV ~Art/Spanish Room

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I have had the best of intentions of logging into my blog, however the emotional drain of packing up my student artists works of art really took me some time to get through. I had just finished setting up the ENTIRE school for the student art show the day that the schools were “closed”. I will never forget the day. The fun we all had the day before, finishing works of art, sorting and delivering works of art to the Elementary teachers, hanging and displaying works, cleaning tables and so on. At one point we had over 60 students crammed into this space all working together that day to help us reach our goal. That night as I shut off the lights I was in tears with pride in my heart. These kids really out did themselves.

As I arrived at work the next day, sadness in my heart knowing that the Art Show was cancelled, but with the hope of returning before the last day.

And here we are now. Packed up and ready for return the last week of school. My school has set a schedule for drop off of school supplies to picking up student items for our families.

Nothing will be the same. Schools are already discussing the changes that we are going to need to make to reopen in the Fall.

As I tell my students, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.

I am Very Blessed to have had this year with them. They have taught me so much.

Sending you wishes for an Inspiring, Blessed Day~

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

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