“As a New Day Dawns” Moapa, NV
“First Iris” Moapa, NV
“Wild Sunflowers” Moapa, NV
“Lavender” Moapa, NV
“Rosemary” Moapa, NV
“Blooming Catcus” Moapa, NV
“Up Close Yellow” Moapa, NV

Each day provides us with the opportunity start the day as we choose. I wake up each day excited to have my coffee and conversations with my students on our LIVE sessions. I place the computer outside, open the session with a different view each week, let them draw, chat or chill. Whatever they they choose to do. Going from in the classroom to being in this virtual world is such a game changer in education. I am excited that I can share my “space” with my students in a way that we never thought possible before. However actually being in the classroom with them and seeing their faces each day, their individual personalities, and “those moments”~ the good and the bad ~are true teacher treasures. This journey I have been on over the last several years in education is quite the story. I am so glad I started blogging. I’d never remember all of the details.

I have also invited my yearbook class to check out my Blog and photographs. I have tasked them with the challenge to take their own photos to add to our Google Classroom. My hopes is that they will be inspired by MANY of YOU!

Well time to go …..I am in a Family Feud game with a few of my colleagues. There are teams, competition and prizes. The first round starts tonight. I will let you know how it ends……

As for my art work…and in the studio…I am so ready…I can hear the materials calling me….soooooon…..

Have an “Up Close” Sunshine “En Plein Air” Inspirational Day!

Love, De

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