On line teaching……

“The View” Moapa, NV
“My Sketch” She Shed Studio

My online classes started with an “En Plein Air” lesson for the first week. (I am a little behind on my blogs. We are about 4 weeks into the remote teaching from home). While LIVE streaming from my home, I thought it would be a GREAT opportunity to share my views and art with my middle school (7th & 8th grade) students. We have a scheduled time each day that we meet. They can tune in, sketch or paint, depending on the supplies they have available at their homes. Moving forward, facing the possibilities that we are in this for the rest of the school year, I may be assembling art kits for a few of my students so that they can continue at home with meaningful lessons.

I was teaching a 3 D class at the time we were excused for the “next few weeks”.  I will be sharing their Frank Lloyd Wright inspired structures that they had just completed. We were also set up and ready for the North Valley Art Show. I will share more about this lesson and Student Art Show in a future blogs.

Sending you wishes and inspirations for “En Plein Air ” !

Well Wishes for a Healthy Day!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

3 thoughts on “On line teaching……”

  1. The top photo looks like the weather today, getting light rain down here. I hope this won’t last the rest of your school year. It’s got to be a bit tough teaching your classes this way, Diann.

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