Went to the Store…..

“On the Way Home” Moapa.NV
“The Mojave Desert” Moapa, NV
“Off in the Distance” Moapa, NV
“Electric” Moapa, NV
“Sizzling Power” Moapa, NV
“Ready for Bloom” Moapa., NV
“Traveling the I15” Moapa, NV

During these times of being in social distancing, living in a remote location has its benefits of being able to enjoy the fresh air out doors, taking a break from the rush of everyday life, and taking the long back road way home.

Spring time in the desert is starting to bloom with all the rain we have had lately. The vast variety of greens, textures and soon to be yellows, oranges and purples are much anticipated.

Sending you wishes for finding a Fresh Air back road inspirational day!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com


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