Someplace New, NV

“Spring has Sprung” , Logandale Trails, NV
“Up Close” Logandale Trails, NV
“Social Distancing” Logandale Trails, NV
“Roads of Sand” Logandale Trails
“Natural Beauty” Logandale Trails, NV
“Growing” Logandale Trails, NV
“Size, Shape, Color and Texture” Logandale Trails, NV


My apologies for being absent from here for so long. I have truly missed checking in and visiting with you all.

The full time job, long commute each day, and now the current situation that we all find ourselves in, has kept me beyond busy.  I am now currently teaching from home, which has become longer hours than being in the actual classroom. As everyone is settling into their new way of life, balancing the home and work is starting to find a middle ground. I am excited to share with you what I have been doing in my Google classroom………another day …..

As for my post today, it is from Logandale Trails, NV. About a year ago I posted a blog about the Valley of Fire, NV, this is the back side of that range. The only way to access it is with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. My husband recently had a birthday, his present was a new toy, featured in the photos. I am so excited to be able to explore new places and share those places with you!

Before this turns into a book, I am going to sign off for today.

Hope you all are doing well, safe, and healthy.

Peace, Fresh Air and NEW Inspirations for your day!

Love, De

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5 thoughts on “Someplace New, NV”

  1. Hi Diann, good to see you back! Happy birthday to your hubby, I wish you guys good health and stay safe. At least you’ve still got your job. 😎 Nice photos!


    1. Hi John!!! Nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well!
      I was hoping you would catch a glimpse of the photos. I had never been to the back side of the Valley of Fire before. Thought the colors were FABULOUS! Yes, still have my job. I just finished the yearbook last week. Little rough on the end scrabble with the way schools closed.

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      1. I’m well, thanks! I haven’t seen that area either, it looks great. Maybe I need to buy an old 4wd to go see these places. The schools are shut for the entire year I think? I can’t hardly believe this crap is happening.

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