Echo Bay, Lake Mead~NV

“Welcome” Lake Mead, NV
“The Day” Lake Mead,NV
“Growing Trees” Lake Mead, NV
“Rocks and Views” Lake Mead, NV
“Morning is the Calmest” Lake Mead, NV
“Up Close  & Cold” Lake Mead, NV
“The Lake” Lake Mead, NV
“Play Day” Lake Mead, NV
“Away They Go” Lake Mead, NV
“Sunday Funday” Lake Mead, NV

Weekends go way to fast! This past Sunday we met up with a few of our Favorite Neighbor Friends out at Lake Mead, NV. Lake Mead is a manmade lake with lots of history of how and why it was created for the Hoover Dam. Yes we have been there many times via boat and road. This weekend we were playing out in Echo Bay which is located at the other end of the lake.

Sending you Funday Relaxing Inspirations for your week!

Love, De

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2 thoughts on “Echo Bay, Lake Mead~NV”

  1. Great photos Diann! It’s so beautiful all around the lake. I so wish the lake would return to Full Pond. Not much rain at all this Monsoon season… I’m glad your new job is going so well! 😎

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