Fresh from the Art Room!

“Sketchbook Homework”
“Out for Flight Friday”
“DaVinci Inspired”
“Flying Machines”

Their Creativity, Their Imaginations, Their Ideas, really impressed me! I had given my students their first sketchbook assignment of designing and illustrating their idea of a flying machine inspired by Leonardo DaVinci. (I felt really bad after telling them that BEFORE they were Ninja Turtles saving the world, they were actually ARTISTS working in Italy during the Renaissance. The looks on their faces was priceless). I added to the assignment and had them CREATE their own “flying machine” for homework. Friday we went outside to the playground to test their flight. WOW!!! Quite impressive results! Smiles, skills, sunshine and art “FLYING FRIDAY”!

Hope your week has found some Inspirational Flight!

Love, De

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