Some Days are like that:

“Steel Together” 9×17 Steel & mixed media
“A Ray of Luck” Moaoa, NV
“Flat Tire?” Byron, NV
“Over There” Byron, NV
“And There” Byron. NV
“Mojave Desert” Byron, NV
” Power Tower” Hidden Valley, NV
“Monsoon” NV
“Home” Glendale, NV
“A Tow” Logandale, NV

NEVER a dull moment. Somehow every day turns into some type of an adventure. (Husband had a tire blow out on his way home the city last night. I went as the “rescue ranger’ and photographer! lolololol)

I have been busy in my art room the last several days preparing for the upcoming school year. LOADS of supplies, new curriculum to learn, lesson plans to write and meetings to attend. My principal LOVED her posters and has now requested 3 more, different ones, for the kickoff to the school year.

“Rearrange” North Las Vegas, NV

The teacher I was to be sharing the room with resigned, so, I for a moment, have my own space and rearranged it to fit our upcoming art projects. Next week I will be adding the classroom decorations to make the space more inviting.

The excitement is building!

Sending you Creative, Adventurous, Exciting Inspirations for your day!

Love, De

Photo and Art work credit:


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