Magical Moapa Moon

“Out of this World” Moapa, NV

I have always LOVED the night sky, full of stars, planets, moons, satellites, meteorites, and flying objects. I call our night sky our 5 million dollar view out here in the desert lands. We live close to Area 51. One can never really be sure what flies above us. However should those folks really plan to “storm the gates” of Area 51 in September, we will have front row seats to the military reply.

Sending you OUT of this World inspirations for your day!

Love, De

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4 thoughts on “Magical Moapa Moon”

    1. It started as a “joke” on Facebook. I guess MILLIONS of people from across the globe, didn’t see it as a joke, and are planning to storm the gates in September? I watch the USAF practice out here above my house. No THANK YOU!!! not going to tango with that crew!


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