Checked In

“Official” North Las Vegas, NV

After 19 months of soul searching, substitute teaching across state lines, spending COUNTLESS hours applying for all kinds of employment, working on my Professional Artist portfolio, and serving on two Community Education Advisory Boards in Moapa and Virgin Valleys,


All checked in at my new, full time, Kindergarten thru 8th grade, Art Teacher position at Legacy Traditional Charter School.

Now comes the the fun part of building the excitement for the students by preparing the classroom and art cart in the next 3 weeks before the students return.

Looks like my blog will be changing a bit as we go along this adventure together. I will, of course, keep up with the Magical Moapa Mesa “She Said Studio”, showing my work at the gallery, attending art festivals and continue to serve my communities on the Valley CEAB.

Sending you “Official” creative wishes for your day!

Love, De

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4 thoughts on “Checked In”

    1. I am not thrilled to have a radio, most of us teachers just like to do our job, not be attached to a “radio” . They can be a major distraction while teaching.


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