May Moments:

“Welcome to the desert” North Las Vegas, NV
“RIO” Las Vegas, NV
“Bright” Las Vegas, NV
“Gold Coast” Las Vegas, NV
“Caesars”  Las Vegas, NV
“Dark Tower” Las Vegas, NV
“Oh Bellagio” Las Vegas, NV

This artist teacher does enjoy her trip to the big Las Vegas city every once in a while. After living in city for over 21 years, my country life style suits me just a little bit better. Away from the chaos, 24 / 7/ 365 life that the Glamorous Las Vegas provides for its tourists. One of my favorite questions my family and friends asked when I was relocating years ago, “What are you going to do there? Work in the casino?” ……..Ummmmm  “NO. There are all kinds of jobs there. I am going to teach art for the public school system.” The total look of surprise on their faces still amuses me to this day. Yes, even the Wild West has the “normal jobs” that don’t function in the casino.

Sending you wishes for a “Wild West” inspirational day!

Love, De

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