Small Giant

“Out of the Wind”

Many of YOU give me inspiration to look for the tiny things in life that are often times overlooked.

“Spirited” 18×24 watercolor paper & mixed media

and yes, still completing a few more pieces of work. This one was buried under a bunch of paper in the studio. Most likely because I never cared for it much during the creative process. After completion, I can say there are parts I like and parts that I do not. It is the process, materials, daily inspirations, and pushing the creative soul that keep an artist lost in the studio, alone with their supplies.

Sending Giant Wishes for Creative Details to Your day, no matter how “small”!

Love, De

Photo & Art Work credit:

4 thoughts on “Small Giant”

      1. Thanks very much! Sorry, bugs just creep me out today as much as when I was a kid. Yesterday was nutty windy! NOAA issued yet another high wind advisory for the valley. It spat a bit of rain here not long ago.

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