……in thoughts of teaching art classes at the local recreation center. Sadly our local gallery only caters to adult workshop type art classes. The children in the Valley have been inquiring about the possibility of ART CLASS for them ….somewhere……as much as I would LOVE to host the classes at my “Magical Moapa Mesa She Shed Studio”, we are a ways off from finishing the remodeling, so I have been in search of a location. Monday I will be stopping by the Recreaction Center to meet and discuss with the Program coordinator how to make this a reality. There is also a need for a TRADITIONAL dance teacher. hummmmmm, a dancer since the age of 9, trained formally in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Pointe…..more POSSIBILITIES to consider…….

Sending you wishes for a Day FULL of Creative Possibilities!

Love, De

Artwork Credit: 3rd Grade Artists, Ms. Rawlins class, at Littlefield Unified School District, Arizona

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

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