“School Choice Fair” poster
“Ladies in Charge” Power 2 Parent
“The Vendors~ Set Up”
“Fabulous Food” Worlds Best Corndogs
“Hot DOG!! Corn DOGS!”

Every parent has choices for their Childs educational learning path. As an educator for over 25 years, all people have different learning styles, abilities and needs, that NEED to be nurtured, developed and embraced. As the Educational Liaison for the Virgin Valley Community Education Advisory Board and the Community Representative for the Moapa Valley CEAB, I worked with the city of Mesquite, Power 2 Parent Moapa Chapter, and The Mesquite Recreation Center to bring the School Choice Fair to the parents of the Virgin Valley last night.

Giving a SHOUT OUT of MANY THANK YOUS to those who represented their schools, the parents who attended and the City of Mesquite!

School Choices include: Public School system, Charter Schools, Private School, Cyber School, Home Schooling ~ each with their OWN UNIQUE approach for the learning process. (should ANYONE here like to have MORE information on any of the school choices for YOUR child, please leave me a comment~ perhaps a future blog could be a little more detailed descriptions) 

Sending You wishes for a Creative Day of CHOICES!

Love, De

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