It a Bird…no its a ……

“Flying in the Sky” Moapa Valley, NV

Apache Helicopter! Thank YOU to the USAF for all they do each and everyday. We do live in the flight path for Nellis Air Force Base. Often times we have “random” things sighted high in the sky. We are also close to Area 51….so one never can be really sure, what CAN (and has) ……………fly by in our sky!

Sending you High Flying Creative wishes for your day!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor

4 thoughts on “It a Bird…no its a ……”

    1. ohhhh. we hear and feel them here…looooong before we actually see them. When their jets hit sonic speeds….ohhhhh my gosh …house shaking….the first time I THOUGHT we were having an earthquake!!! NOPE just the sounds of “Freedom” in our skies 🙂


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