The other day…..

“Join Us”
“Event Today”
“set up and ready” ~ 
“in the back of the truck”
“Like a Pro”
“Jeannie Touches”
“inside the theatre”
“have a seat”
“Orange ya pretty” Littlefield, AZ

It has been quite the busy last several days. Substitute teaching tiny humans in kindergarten to an Art Festival . The good news is the substitute teaching helps with the bills, selling the art work, is just a social event, where folks look at your stuff, tell you how much they like it, photograph it, yet never purchase any thing? Odd to say the least. But I guess with the power of photography, one can take the photo and make a print for pennies instead of purchasing the original work. I refuse to make prints of my work, for a lot of reasons, (another day, another blog), however spending time in the community, meeting people, having the art work present gives me a reason to leave the studio and get into the fresh air!

Sending you wishes for a FRESH AIR INSPIRED DAY!

Love, De

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