It’s taken some time…

“going back to work”

After resigning from my former job, as an Art Teacher & so so much more, with the local public school district, pursuing my Artist Career for the last year and a half, my inner soul is crying to return to the classroom. I have spent this last school year traveling across state lines to Arizona to work as a substitute teacher. Although, I have interviewed with them, over two weeks ago for a full time position for next school year, I have not heard back what their decision is. Not letting my “crayons” cool down, I continued to apply for jobs across the city of Las Vegas. It is a difficult task since CCSD (Clark County School District) is the 5th largest in the nation. However, playing into my favor this year, is that CCSD is FAILING their Staff, Students and parents when it comes to achievement, pay raises and insurance and SO MUCH more! There are MANY MANY Private and Charter schools opening, and they NEED ART TEACHERS! (CCSD has been slowly doing away with their Art programs. There aren’t Artist Teachers to hire here in Nevada, so instead of supporting the arts they eliminate the position).

I sent in an application on Monday, not expecting to hear anything back,  to my surprise and delight, within hours of submitting the application, my phone rang with with good news! A phone interview in the morning! I did well on the phone interview, I did not even need to answer all the interview questions! They have scheduled my next one on one interview for this coming Wednesday with the Principal. Hopefully there will be a contact to sign!

For those who aren’t in the Education Profession, finding a job at times is a labor of love. 22-30 pages of an application, essay questions, college transcripts, licenses, etc……and then you wait for the call……..if it ever comes…….then starts the labor intensive interview process. No two interviews have ever been the same for me. Sometimes one person on the phone, sometimes a conference call, sometimes in a room with 2-10 people all asking you questions. I have considered being a “Personal Trainer” for the teaching profession… know kinda like a boot camp…to get through the hurdles!

Sending you GREAT KARMA for your day, with no hurdles to slow your Creative Inspiration process!

Love, De

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4 thoughts on “It’s taken some time…”

    1. ahhhhh…yes I am refraining from my true opinions of CCSD….I have toooooo friends still employed with them. It’s been a love / hate relationship between us for over 20 years. However this time the “divorce” is final…… and it has been a slight challenge to find a new non CCSD location. (did you happen to catch the news report with the school board member and her racist comments?)


  1. Best wishes for a successful outcome, Diann. Getting a job is tough, especially as we age, and there is a kind of randomness in the hiring process that can be maddening. I hope all goes well in the upcoming interview and that it results in a contract.

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    1. Thank You Mike!! It has been a tough a go this time around looking for work. Either I have too much experience or not enough. The “Aging” thing doesn’t help either. The younger generation comes with a cheaper price tag than a “seasoned veteran teacher”. 🙂


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