Throwback Thursday:

YOU….may never fully understand the thoughts….
living alone in a confused world….
to himself…..
that he was dangerous…
“Spirits Alive?”

For my new followers……Last October……. my neighbor burned the house down, that he was “house sitting”, in a suicide attempt. He was off his perscribed medications (and “self medicating” with a “home brew”) , seeking help, according to his family, several times, before this successful attempt. The police arrived just as he ignited the single wide mobile home. They had to drag him out of the burning structure kicking and screaming. The police officers received an Award for their quick thinking and fast reactions. They used my videos and photos for the court cases and police officer awards ceremony. The neighbor was ALREADY a felon, created another felony, and is currently getting the “help” he needs in SUPERVISED, SAFE, CONTROLLED environment. (wink wink)

The community worked fast, effective, and efficiently to clean up the property. All that remains to this day is his…….. one last car……..and a shoe..……. the rest of the property has been bulldozed, cleaned and looks as if the whole thing was just a “story” created by the local folks.

6 years of madness… all but ……..the spirits that …that tell the tales…….

Sending you wishes for your day…….

……..You are never alone…..We are here…….Inspire, Create, Release your thoughts in a Productive kind of way day!

Love, De

Diary of a Madman – Throwback Thursday Photos 

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