Young Artists

One of my favorite …..
elementary grades to teach….
is 3rd grade. They have ….
the creativity to dream….
and inspire……

I do admit I helped a little with the overall completion with some “Art Magic”. The principal was thrilled to receive the posters today. They are going to be displayed for their Spring Fling, along with a few of the other art projects I have created with the various classes I have be substitute teaching for this past school year.

So PROUD of these VERY TALENTED young artists!

Sending “Art Magic” your way today!

Love, De

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4 thoughts on “Young Artists”

    1. They had sooooo much fun! The teacher said as long as we completed the highlighted lesson plans, we could use the rest of the day for ART!!!!!! ❀ Sure do hope they add an art program next school year!


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