Artists & Poets

“The Gift of the Mist” Poet~Anne Meynor
“Mountain Dew” 18×24 canvass & mixed media
“A Mothers Reflection” Poet~Anne Meynor
“Reflection Thru Time” 16 x20 canvass & mixed media

This month at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery the juried show theme is “Artists and Poets”. The poets wrote, then submitted their entries for the artists to select. I contacted my mom, who is a published poet, to see if she would like to enter. Much to my delight and surprise, within a few weeks I had to poems to take for the show. The gallery runs the selection as a first come first serve selection basis. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase her poems for the show. It has been a VERY busy couple of weeks.

…..2 works of art completed and accepted for the April “Artists & Poets” show.

…. Substitute teaching across state lines in Arizona……has lead to an offer to interview for a full time position for next school year. Much to my surprise, before I left work on Thursday afternoon, the principal had me scheduled for an interview for Friday afternoon. I feel the interview went well, refreshing to be working with a district that has kind, caring people, and VERY THANKFUL for the opportunities that have come my way.

…also in the planning phases of the P2P (Power 2 Parent) committee meeting to host a conference of sorts in Mesquite. They offer to the parents in the community the vast varies of education that are available to them for their children. ¬†Representatives from home schooling, private, charter, cyber and public schools will be in attendance and available to answer questions. This is NO small task. Working with the Virgin Valley CEAB, Mesquite City Hall and P2P. As the Educational Liaison for the Valleys I am the link that ties it all together.

Sending you Blessings for Creative opportunities for your day!

Love, De

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