Monday Moment:

“Growing Flowers” Moapa Valley, NV

As the sun rises, the flowers do too! Many call them “weeds”……..I refer to them as “wild flowers”. Either way the bees, butterflies and birds are enjoying them, as am I ! After spending the last year picking up trash off our property, (OVER 38~ 50 gallon trash bags, and NOT done yet), the flowers and grass have room to grow this season.

Enjoy your Monday Moment!

Love, De

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6 thoughts on “Monday Moment:”

    1. No, surprisingly it did not. The land and house we purchased, had no one living in it for over 10 years. The last residents refused to pay Republic Services, burned and dumped their trash ALL over the property. The last people to attempt a rehab, just threw ALL the “house stuff” into the yard. Beds, couches, clothes, cabinets, carpets, etc…..HOT MESS! I trip over metal clothes hangers all the time. Every time it rains or windy…..more trash is unearthed……It has been quite the clean up project/process since LAST January. With each piece picked up, comes a sense of satisfaction. My Girl Scout blood runs in my veins. My husband even had to get a dumpster to handle the amount of trash I have been “picking”. (Folks here refer to Republic Services as thieves,refuse to pay for their service, and take “matters” to their unique line of thinking.

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      1. Wow man, that’s really rotten of those owners. Republic Service is so cheap! It is in the city anyway, not sure what they charge in Moapa. It’s great that you guys are cleaning the land up! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ˜Ž

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      2. It seems to be a “common” thought process out here. I do realize some things can be burned (country girl)…however, the city girl says ….put that in the dumpster! With each bag of trash I collect, (and not just at my house, I also trash collect while walking the dogs), the lands are cleaner, look better, and have inspired my neighbors to do the same πŸ™‚

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