Please forgive my absence …

“Playground Pieces”, Beaver Dam, AZ
“Still Flowing and Growing”, Littlefield, AZ
“Overflowed”, Littlefield, AZ
“On the Map!” Moapa, NV

It has been quite a crazy week. Enjoying 3 days of teaching “little people” in various grade levels, inspiring young minds, and catching fresh air photos on my lunch breaks. This week is also, the 150th Celebration of the Moapa Valley, Nevada, USA. There are many local activities happening around the Valley. I would be taking photos of those, however, we are hosting the “Art and Yard Sale” at my location. It RAINED (again) today, with winds and cold temps, but we still had several “customers”, opportunity to be a part of the community, and hang out the COOL Neighbors! I have teamed up with another Local Artist to promote the Arts in our Valley. As a Thank You for stopping by we are giving out FREE homemade cookies and bottles of water.

I look forward to catching up on Your posts, blogs and comments, in between activities.

Sending you Delicious Inspirations for your weekend!

Love, De

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