Out my window:

“Off in the Distance”, Beaver Dam, AZ
“Up Close”, Beaver Dam, AZ

Rain EVRY WHERE today! Sustaining life, the environment and people who call the desert home.

Sending you wishes for Creative, Inspirational Day “Out your window”!

Love, De

Photo Credit: http://www.artworkbydiannmeynor.com

2 thoughts on “Out my window:”

  1. Have a nice day Diann!!!

    Looking out my window, watching

    People, multitudes of people

    pass by going on to destinies

    unknown to me.

    Looking out my window, feeling

    Nature, still struggling

    to maintain balance

    as the rain pounds against

    my window.

    Looking out my window, wondering

    Where have all the gentle times gone?

    the police car screams by

    too much violence in this world.

    Looking out my window, gazing

    I see all that transpires

    in the glistening spider’s web.

    Looking out my window, seeing

    the spider dance ’round

    always working to keep its

    world from ripping away

    in the rain of the evening.

    Robert Edmondson

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