Lunch Break (Monday)

“Fresh Air” Littlefield,AZ
“The Mighty Virgin” Littlefield, AZ
“Mountain Moment” Scenic, AZ
“In Bloom” Beaver Dam, AZ
“it Grows” Moapa, NV

One of the benefits of working across state lines, in a quiet, little rural community, I have NO SERVICE! What an AWESOME refreshing break from technology! Life without being able to connect with the outside world for 9 hours. Have you tried this lately? Could you do it?

Taking in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Sending a refreshing, inspiring, creative break for Your day!

Love, De

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10 thoughts on “Lunch Break (Monday)”

  1. Beautiful photos, Diann! And yes, I can do without being connected to social media all the time. I often take a break for one or even two days a week which is always very nice. 😊

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