“Dealer Diann” Las Vegas Motor Speedway, NV Photo credit: Jack Hedstrom

Back in the day, 2002, I received a phone call from a former student of mine. His father is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Call went some thing like this:

“Ms Meynor”….. yes Christian?……”Hey whats you doing on Saturday night?” …..not much, just catching up on lesson plans and grades (I was still s full time plus public school teacher in the city)……”Well I need you to come over to the track to fill out some paper work”….for what Christian?……his reply….”I am going to be Pit Boss and you are going to be my side kick as “Dealer Diann” for the race track! We are starting a mascot!!!!” ……ummmmmmm….well…. to make 5 years in a summary sentence….IT WAS THE BEST> MOST EXCITING> FUN>ADVENTURE>PARADES> PUBLIC APPEARANCES>SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS< TV>MAGAZINES>NEWSPAPERS>PR>entertaining 250,000 race fans….that any GIRL would LOVE! Out of any “part time” job I could have landed…..was just an Unbelievable Experience. Perhaps we will will revisit my life as “Dealer Diann” sometime. I will dig out some of the photos and appearances that me made.

TONIGHT...on my way to the World of Outlaws race!!! So EXCITED!!! If you like Sprint cars, racing and DIRT!!!! tomorrows blog post will include them! My husbands uncle has a Sprint car in one of the races.  We won’t be attending the big NASCAR race this weekend. After being spoiled in the “suite” life, its very difficult to just sit in the grandstands.

Racing Creativity for your day!

Love, De


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