Exciting News!!!

WE MADE IT into the show together!!

My Moms poems were selected for the “Artists and Poets” All Media Themed Art Exhibition & Competition, April 1, 2019 to May 4, 2019 at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery in Mesquite, Nevada!!!!! She hasn’t put her Magical words on paper for MANY years! It was AWESOME that she inspired to be a part of this Exhibition.

POET~ Nina           Copywriter~ Nina (Anne Meynor)

I DID make it to the Gallery in time to select BOTH of her poems to create works of art for the show!!!!!! Now comes my inspired challenge, to take these two AMAZING poems and transform them into an image on canvass.

Blessed to be doing this one with Mom. Thankfully I have a some time to process and create. Of course I will post the photos of the finished works.




(The poems are copywrited by Nina. No reproductions or use with out the permission of the Poet. Thank You)



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