When it snows…..

“AHHHH Snow!” Mesquite, NV
“Day Dreaming” Scenic, NV

We all take a moment to enjoy the Natural Beauty.

I had to make a trip to the gallery yesterday to drop off my moms entries for the poet~ artist show in April. I am hoping I will be able to select her poems to create a work of art for the juried show. The deal is all poems will be available for the artists to select one next week. I will keep everyone updated as to the outcome. Perhaps mom will let me post her poems here on my blog. (hint hint) 

Hoping your day was full of Beautiful dreams, inspirations, and creations!



3 thoughts on “When it snows…..”

    1. Thank You John! The one photo is from “downtown” main street Mesquite. The other one I drove over to Scenic, AZ to get a different angle. It was actually snowing while I was up there yesterday!!!

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      1. Wow, so cold. Never been to your town, should make the trip. Been so cold and wet here for daze (on purpose) , finally sunshine for a few days! Be warm and well! ☺️

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