When the teacher is away….

Puppets and scenery
close up of puppet

WE PLAY!!!! Of course there is learning taking place as well, maybe not what their teacher had wrote on the plans for the day, but we did learn, work together, make our own puppets, wrote our scripts, made scenery and then preformed our puppet show for our classmates. Not bad for a day with the little people in 2nd grade!

Sorry I have been absent from my website. This week has been crazy with chaos. Truck took its final ride, power plant caught fire Monday, so we were without power, emergency trip into Vegas city to purchase a generator (we are ready now!!), substitute teaching, preparing to go back in with the 1st grade class on Friday, meanwhile in the Moapa Mesa She Shed Studio working on a sculpture for the upcoming gallery show in February.

Some folks will be super excited when they find out I am creating a sculpture, using found objects and wrapping. Below is a preview photo. Be sure to check back in a few days.

found objects. materials. process and wrapping …..hummmm

Thank You for stopping by today!

May your day be filled with Creative energy!



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