Rainy days

“Go For It” 9×12 watercolor paper & mixed media
“Star Explosion” 11×15 watercolor paper & mixed media

They don’t happen often here in the Moapa Valley of Nevada but when they do, they can last for days! It is winter, and we get the rains, however, we can watch the mountains surrounding our property, with all the snow one could want. I am happy that it OVER there, and no shoveling required at my location, just an admiration for the natural beauty that it creates.

Having amazing productive days in the She Shed Studio.

Hope your day is Productive Creative Fun! GO FOR IT!!!!




All works of art are the original design and creation of the artist, Diann Meynor. No copies or reproductions with out permission from the artist. If you would like to purchase a piece for your collection, please message me……for now…that will be changing SOON!!!! Upgrading the website!!! YIPPPPPEEE!!!! 

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