Play Day

“Fresh Air” Moapa Valley, NV
“Alone” Moapa Valley, NV
“Once upon a time” Moapa Valley, NV
“Leftovers” Moapa Valley, NV
“Breaking Away” Moapa Valley, NV
“Let it Flow” Moapa Valley, NV
“Prints” Moapa Valley, NV

in the “back yard”!  This is close to my home at the Moapa Mesa She Shed Studio, about a 2 minute drive. After the rains I LOVE to take the jeep out and about for a fresh air ride. Decided to take a break from the studio today and capture some “Natural works of Art”.

Once I get my professional camera fixed the quality of my photos and skills will improve as well. These were all taken with my iPhone, however no cropping or photo editing was used.

Hoping you catch some fresh air with your day of inspiration!


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