“Shades of Black and White” 16×20 canvass with mixed media

Stopped by the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery yesterday to take a few photos of my work. As an artist, I think it’s pretty cool to see your work displayed. However, upon arriving at the gallery, I could not find my art. I did find my snowman “hanging” out.

“Snowman” 12×16 canvass with mixed media

But the abstract of “Shades of Black and White” no where to be found. I asked the front desk where it could be? They had no clue. I had another meeting to attend at the High School for the Virgin Valley Educational Advisory Board, where I hold the current board position as the Educational Liaison. I told them I would stop back.

Later, I received a call. Cool! a Message!!!

Wait a minute…WHAT????? did that say??? replay……..My art sold????and there is a check waiting for me????? WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!

Ok, now as an artist, as funny as this may sound…….WHO “adopted” my “child” ? I like to know the people who purchase my work. It is giving away a part of your soul creation. Right artist friends? I know, I need to work on letting that emotion go. Accept what is yet to come, and let the “children” be adopted. They must LOVE them too or they wouldn’t have made the purchase.

May your day be Colorful Creative Karma!



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