Practice, practice, practice

“Zion, Utah” 9×12 mixed media on watercolor paper

It is going to take A LOT of practice and patience as an artist to find a style, subject matter and materials to develop my skills with. So far all of my pieces have been relatively small, compared to the large works many artists create. Being limited on space, materials and funding, finding a path to to create in the “happy middle”, well that is where we are at currently in this art adventure.

I welcome comments, feedback and criticism of how to improve my skills. I know I am lacking in the realist world, perhaps…abstract… where is I need to focus?

Sending you wishes for a Great Day! and Thank You for following along on this journey. It means A LOT to me that you stop by, like my blogs, and leave comments. YOU are AWESOME!



2 thoughts on “Practice, practice, practice”

    1. I am new to the blogging and website world. I will check my account and see if there something I can do on my side. You are very sweet…I really ADMIRE your work as well…..<3


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