Field Trip Friday

On those occasional days, when Mr S. has to work a few extra hours, I am able to go with him to the job sites. Most girls like pretty things like butterflies and flowers, well I do too, but construction, tools, machines, science and the arts, all relate to who I am as an artist. I LOVE to to find the basic elements and principles of design within the sites. I often think to myself, do the architects, designers and builders realize what a work of art they are creating? Will any one else see, appreciate, enjoy the details it takes to create such a public work of art? Do they see this as art? Or is this just another job? The schematics it takes to put each element together is a work of art within itself. As a public school art teacher for over 20 years, I always shared these ideas and concepts with my students. I wanted them to realize art is NOT just about “painting”. Art is ALL around, surrounding our everyday lives.

Look for it, Embrace it, Create it!

I have really enjoyed starting this blog, website and embracing the social media platforms as an artist. Your photos, stories and things that you share inspire me. Thank You for being you!

May your day include the elements you need.



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