Day 2 Grade 2 “subbing”

The books they created using printmaking for the cover and spelling words for their “short” story.
annnnddd….decorated the hallway
they have their winter program soon
and the principal asked if we could make some decorations
each child created their own
they are approximately 4 feet tall
and bigger than the Artist who created it

Had a lot of fun the last two days, however I do miss the She Shed Studio. The struggle, of wanting to make your art and teaching others how to do it, is REAL! However every artist knows we need to sustain a living as well, to support ourselves. The supply addiction is also a reality that comes with a cost. So for now, I am blessed to have this opportunity, more to come on the horizon. The principal has spoken with me several times regarding a future program at the school. So we will see what unfolds, as the blog header states,

The Journey continues,

Have an Awesome Night!

Love,  De