My View, Littlefield, AZ
FALL Trees!!!
And the results of no math lesson plan
YEAH!!!!! 2nd Grade Artist, Deegan

I joined the world of Substitute teacher at the sweetest little Elementary school in Littlefield, AZ. Crossing the state line, dark and early this morning, arriving at my destination a few minutes early to relax, breath and process the concept of going back into the classroom after leaving my full time career, exactly one year ago. I could go on, and on, and on about teaching for 21 years in the public and charter schools in Las Vegas, NV. But I will save those tales for another day, or perhaps that could be a whole blog just in itself! Either way, I landed in a second grade classroom (I was an Art Specialist!!!), with the cutest, sweetest, most energetic children. The teacher did not leave the greatest lesson plans for the day. (First year teachers have a few difficulties with the OVER load of work that comes along with being a teacher these days). With administration approval, I was able to create my own ART MATH lesson! We talked about all kinds of shapes and sizes. They drew cut, glue and assembled Math today. Not one child would leave their project! But they did give me permission to photo their creations. Deegan (a very  special student), asked me to take photo of this art work, because someday he is going to be Artist. Well, Deegan from what I see here, YOU my friend are well on your way!

Going back on Thursday for more second grade fun! Taking glitter this time with some print making items!

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS day!


2 thoughts on “Today”

  1. The Power of Prayer!!!! and the gift of prayers answered 🙂 Amazing how quickly the Holy Spirit wedged open that new door for you! Now I think that the fact that this is starting out as part-time (way more fun and WAY LESS responsibility) is God’s gentle hint that He expects you to continue creating new artistic works for Him to enjoy!! We discussed that new sculpture – both of us would like an update! No slacking Little Girl! Love the calligraphy but I like COLOR too. Mute colors don’t work in PA in the winter
    Love and prayers will continue to stream in your direction
    love ya a bushel and a peck

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